Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rise and Shine

  I am not good at getting up and getting stuff done when it's cold out and I can lay in bed and cuddle with my husband or kids.  To get up and start the day out right seems so hard.   I know the days I get up before the alarm goes off get my bible and cappuccino are the days that go so much better.   The days I prayerfully and diligently put my focus on God are the best days the most uplifting days I have.

   So why is it that that doesn't become a habit for me? Do I not want to have a God centered day each day?  Of course I do, we all as Christians want to walk in his will & be in his plan.   We struggle with this as well.   It is just to know that it only takes a half-hour to make a huge difference.  I have it in my schedule but it is the first thing that gets over looked because it is not something we can't miss like a shower.   If I miss my shower everyone knows because my hair is very oily.   If I miss breakfast it's pointless to be at work at  9:00 I am shot if i do not have a full stomach because my mind is thinking about food.  If I miss my devotional time no one else can tell or connect the dots that that is what is missing.   It's easy to step over that line and say oh I will make sure I do it tomorrow morning and then you repeat that statement each day.

   In the past few months I have actually pulled my bible up at my lunch brake after all the other staff is back in the classroom.   I can have a quit time then if at no other time I have learned to cherish this time with God in the midst of my busy day.

   Do I make it a point to stay up late? No not at all if you ask my family they will tell you that after 6:00 it's not the best time for me.   I really have tried hard to work on this aspect as my husband is a night person.  I am also working on making sure supper things are put away, maybe not all the dishes done yet but I am hoping to get there.

    Does this mean that I am not a Godly wife?  To some people yes but I think that as long as I have not given up on trying to improve myself it is not ungodly.   I do think that my decision to give up reading novels for pleasure at home only reading one if we have a vacation is a huge thing for me.  I have chosen to replace them with helpful biblical budgeting and homemaker books or blogs.   I know this time would be better used to do my homemaking but I only read in the car or in bed before I go to sleep.   I also have taken inventory of the time I spend on my phone for games and other leisure items.

    I have also made it a point to intentionally step up to what makes my husband feel loved.   Even if I am upset I have to put aside my anger and make him the meal or cleaning up his dirty clothes for the fifth time this week.   It's not about how others effect my day but how I choose to make my day for me.   Today had a rough start and was letting it bring me down until I remembered that I can choose to change it.

   I love this blog post by  I felt like it was right out of my mind this January if this is where you are don't feel alone.  I have created this blog to be completely honest and open so that we know we are not alone in our walk as a biblical wife.

Dear Lord,
  Help me to put you first and walk in your will as a wife and mother.  I stumble on my own and I need you to hold me up. Lord let your spirit fill me that I will long to know what you have for me each morning may I look at what you give me in your love letter for me. Help me to pull it out and read it over and over as if it was a note from a high school crush that was so creased that I can no longer read all of it due to the use it had on an every day basis. Lord help me long for you early in the morning and all day long.
In your son Jesus name Truly Truly Amen

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