Friday, February 27, 2015

Slow cooked to perfection!

    Are we the modern wife of fast and easy or do you get filled with the joy of putting together a extravagant well planned meal?  As I dig deeper into Proverbs 31:14 my convictions came rolling up.  Meals  I am so the modern wife that would love to order out every day.  I am not sure about you but I hate the dishes!!
    In my studying up on this verse I was reading a few articles and the Let God Be True was a perspective I had not thought of before.  I thought of a wife that went out much like in verse 13 that watched how she spent the money and watched her budget.  Reading this article I was convicted with being a wife that holds joy in keeping a house and not needing material wants.  I have to admit this was very convicting to the point I was not sure I wanted to post on this verse.  My love language is not acts of service I am a quality time and words of affirmation person.  With that said to make a meal and have nagging children refuse to eat it after working hours on it doesn't bring me much joy.  I would much rather have a game day with pizza and games with my family.  Does this mean I am not biblical or doomed I don't think so.  This verse can be taken in some many ways but to me it is doing what makes your husband feel that his needs are met with the foods you provided him with.
    I do feel that it is important to make sure I try to cook as healthy as possible and this is why we try to do as much food from scratch as possible in my baking.  I LOVE MY CROCKPOT!!  If you come to my house there is a 75% chance the main part of the meal comes out of the crockpot.  This allows me to have time with my family, work and still get good food for supper.  Plus it is minimal cleaning if I only have one pot to clean up after.   We do have some premixed  mixes made at home to make homemade quick meals.  I am working on getting homemade hamburger helper mixes as well my kids love these basic recipes. I also do a lot of freezer meals as a working mom and a crockpot lover this works wonders for me and one day I can make a mess browning hamburger and mixing bowls then I don't have to dirty that much through out the weeks to come.  I try to get two meals a week done and put in the freezer the second Saturday of the month. This doesn't get done that often but this would be what I try to do. I can't come here today and tell you that I do any of this perfect but I hope that you gain hope in knowing that you are not alone in imperfections of life's busyness.  May God have us in his crockpot to make us perfect sometimes we may be on high and others he will allow the low heat on us.

Dear Lord,
Today I ask that you help me be a wife that honors who you made me to be by serving my family in the best way I know how. Lord help me to feel the convictions you give me and help me want to change to be the wife you want me to be.  Help me to plan my day with my priorities in your line of importance. Lord help fill me with your spirit that I may have eyes to see what you want done each day.
In Jesus Name Truly Truly Amen,

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