Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Budgeting is the Proverbs 31:13 in our modern day!

   Not many of us work with wool and flex anymore but we do have other ways of making sure we have clothing for our family.  Each of us has a different way of doing this but this post is mainly about my clothing budget.  I hope you can see how clothing can be bought on a very minimum budget when necessary.
   On my One Wife's Walk blog I have some more on our family budget.  I am going to take that one step deeper on the clothing aspect of that budget here.  First of all our kids get up to $6 a week each for allowance a portion of that goes to savings 10%, tithing10%, clothing 40%(until they have $100 than it can go to the following) treats/food 20% fun 20%.  They will buy the clothing they want out of that fund. Our oldest loves the thrift stores, our second child gets her  cloths from her older sister and our son inharets is older cousins clothes so each of the kids could get by without spending anything on clothes if they want to.  They get necessities from christmas and birthdays like socks and undergarments.
    My husband gets his clothing restocked in the summer.   I will get him 2-3 new pairs of jeans and a few T-shirts for good socks and any other necessities.  His old good clothing then becomes work clothes for the harvest season and through the year.
    I have a casual/dress dress-code for work.  HOW DO I DO THIS ON $100/yr!  I get my slacks and tops at the local thrift or consignment  shop where I find almost new clothes all the time I got a sweater with the tag still on that said $50 for $5 or $6. Our consignment shop has three dates each followed with a price on them starting usually with a month or two from drop off than a few months from that down to about 6 months from drop off and if I find one with the last date that is 2-3months old it is usually down even farther.  I purchase my clothes at the lowest price they will give I never buy the top two price on the tag.  My shoes I will buy there also if I can find them but I have a harder time being I have big feet.  If I order shoes it is usually a BOGO sale.  
  This takes extra planning and making sure when I purchase something it will be able to mix and match with different clothes and seasons.  We also wear our clothes out.  I have a pair of pants I have had for 15years WOW thats crazy but I know I had them for an event in high school and wear them to work last week.  My husband still wears the shirt he wore on our first date one and a great while if he is getting really dressed up.  The kids clothes we pass on because most of it we get for free so we give back by handing them to the next family to wear.
   I will admit I am not the best at staying on top of laundry or house work and I don't keep busy hands as much as I should or in the way some might think I should but I hope to please God and my husband by being the best stewed of what they have given me each day.  Please feel free to leave your comments below to help share Ideas of how we can pick out the best wool and flex for our families.

Dear Lord Help us to make sure we are using all you have given us to the best of our abilities. Help us as wives to make sure we do not foolishly impulse buy clothing that is unnecessary and not helpful to the bettering of our family.  Help us to keep what we have in proper working fashion each day to the best of our abilities as well. Lord use others to teach us how we can make the most of what you give us each day.
In Jesus name Truly Truly Amen.

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