Friday, June 13, 2014

When he speaks do we hear him?

Inspired by the movie Mom's Night Out  I am back on the blog tonight!

  God has spoken will I listen to him?  They say if you hear a message three times it is truly for you and this week MOTHERHOOD has been Gods message to me.  Now is the time and here is the place in my life!  It started with the Church service Sunday that was not on motherhood but on Kindness and Genteelness.  All I heard was you show God love by loving your kids.  
  My question to myself has been "Are you loving your kids as much as you could be?"  I love them but do they know that they are important and his treasure because of my actions.  Tuesday I was at the dock with my two younger children as they fished and I played on my phone (fishing is not really my thing).  When there was a grandma and her two grandson's playing on the shoreline.  I noticed how loving she was trying to get them to walk in the water with her.  They soon got down to the dock and came to check on our fishing.

 My Daughter had had some good bites but nothing that stayed on.  The two young boys watched her bobber as the grandmother introduced herself.  We started chatting leading us into an extended conversation about motherhood.  I at one point caught myself at the beginning thinking if she only knew how I really am at home and how I really want to runaway most days. By the end of the conversation I found myself feeling so glad I had the privilege to be home with my kids.  When I do work I work at the school they attend or run my photography business that I limit to one or two sessions a week depending on my kids activities.  I spend a hour a week shooting unless it is a wedding than I am gone for 7-12hrs on that one day.  I do my editing in the living room or when they are sleeping so I am available to them if needed.
      Later tuesday I had the joy of picking flowers with my son and as he came across the yard on his bike with five peonies in his hand I thought I am going to miss this.  As a photographer my next thought is I didn't capture the moment my phone is in the house so I can't get a photo but I have many times since that moment pulled that image up in my mind and tried to capture it and all the love that surrounded it. Wednesday I had a chance to put my oxygen mask on and spend a few hrs with friends watching a movie that all parents need to see especially moms!! I spent the majority of the movies in tears, some of laughter, some of guilt, but most of all tears of love for what God has given me.  I have viewed this week since Sunday different with much love and joy for mothering.  I am not sure where God has put you today and who he wants you to love but remember that each person in your life right now needs your love even when you feel like you are failing someone is looking up at you as a hero weather it is a friend that thought you had it all together but just realized that your not perfect either. The little kid down the street that lives in a single parent home that saw you invite him to play with you and your kids.  This is what it is for Romans 12:21 reads  "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." this seems so simple when you read it but when the kids stomp off and slam the door it makes every nerve in my body scream "YELL AT THEM NOW" and I try to choose not to let the evil come out but just take a minute to cool down and than follow them up to the room and plop down on the bed and hold them.  I realize that it takes work and the holy spirt to fill me and hold me in check when I walk away from what Christ has done and his love for me I easily slip back into the same Screaming pattern satin has filled my fractured faith with.  We must open our eyes to Gods plan not ours.  What has he been asking you to do lately?

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