Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Christ has taught!

 In the past three months I have been touched again by what the lord has asked of me as I look into being a better wife and mom I realize it comes to my walk with him and who he is!

In Adult Sunday school we were doing Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover and God really spoke to me in how I managed the money my husband works hard to earn. With that we are working on the cash envelope system and I talk more about that in a post on my new blog that I am moving to as the less personal and less on my photography but helpful to wives to keep things organized and on the task together. The new blog is found at honestyofawife!  I also have my goals for the year there I hope to keep this one up to date and link the two together as I take this walk.

  The past few weeks we started a new bible study by Kyle Idleman this has been digging deep as I try to keep up on my daily homework to keep my head in the game of life with real christ centered teaching day to day.  This is a huge struggle but I find that each day I do it is easier and my day is more Christ centered and less me centered.  In the past few months I have also had great council on my role as a Christ centered wife do I do it daily no I often stumble but I get up each morning with a new grace from God on life that only he can give.

  Where do you struggle and want to run from?
      I was on the verge of starting over on everything I felt so overwhelmed with all that was on my plate this past fall.  Finically we didn't have a plan so I would emotionally spend and then I would get mad because we didn't have the funds that I wanted and God provided the class I needed.  Then we got the budget inline. When I lest expected God said you are walking on the heals of everyone else's faith.  He moved my closest friend to a church an hour away from me (yes I cried) not just because I would miss her but I knew God had something big to work on in my life.  Now I sit here and think if I would have ran from what I was running from I would have missed the growth he has for me that is just beginning and has a long way to go.

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