Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I started this blog post months ago and got away from my blog of a while.  I think I miss placed my password but this message still holds a deep rooting in my heart, so please read it with my love and caring for each of you today and in the days to come.  I once mailed a letter to a friend a few weeks after I wrote it and she said I had written just what she needed for that day so here is to knowing God has his timing for this message for you.

Why do they walk away?
This question seems so easy to answer but I don't understand the answer as easy as it is answered.  Today this question came up more than once. The answer was different but also the same at the same time. Devicedness like being told being a Christian is easy and if you do things for the Lord nothing bad will happen.  Decivedness as when no one shares the truth as harsh as it may seem so you are lead to believe that you can get by in life and have everlasting life with out giving God a heart of repentance and surrender. We are to give this heart not because we feel like it is the right thing to do but because you realize he came to earth in the form of a man and loves you so much personally.  He knows the number of hairs on your head, he has all of our days ordained from before he knit us together in your mothers whom.  God does not want us to feel punished by him.  I have seen a lot of people pretray him as a man who is sitting on a thrown with a whip, slapping it down on us if we act out of the lines.  The Bible says different if we look at the stories in the new testament where Jesus eat with the worst of the worst.  Read the lines following the ones that you hear quoted from the text by people on the street.  Have you personally read a book of the gospels ( Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John)to see what they say.   I do not share this to make you feel wronged but I share it out of love that you will know the truth and come to a place of peace in your life in that is not law driven but love driven and grace filled.   I started this blog post months ago and got away from my blog of a while I think I miss placed my password but

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