Thursday, March 14, 2013

My little man!

Sweet as can be one minute and as mischievous and a weasel the next!  I had a wonderful day with little man. I have missed our time together this year.  Even though he loves school I think he really enjoyed the day as well. We went on an adventure that was twice the adventure that we set out for this morning! Have you ever filled the vehicle with gas just to find out you left the wallet at home had to leave all your info with the teller run home and get the wallet so that you can go back and pay for it.  Than we didn't get some of the items not on our list so we got home only to have to go shopping at the local ALCO for wrapping paper and tape.  I was just glad I had my little man with to make sure it was fun and full of joy!


  1. I think we've all had days like that! Glad you sound like you are able to laugh about it. I like the 2 expressions...the opposite sides of the coin.

  2. Angelic or devilish he sure has big blue eyes!

  3. This child's face is so expressive! What terrific photos! Fabulous eyes!