Saturday, March 16, 2013

10yrs Today!

Ten years ago today this young lady surprised the Dr. by a quick entrance into the world. That was not his only surprise that night but he had me convinced I was having a very little baby in the 5lbs maybe 6lbs bracket but when he personally carried her over to the scale and set a chunky 8lbs 4oz baby down on it his mouth dropped. I will not for get how he cried when I told him her name as she was named after my sister whom he had delivered and doctored prior to her passing.  

This girl has always known what she wants and when she wants it.  She is a determined leader and has compassion for others.  Through the years she has grown to be independent and bold. 

She hates failure and change
Loves books and basketball
Hates scrambled eggs or wearing tall socks
Loves horses and shopping

To my dear beautiful girl may you always search out the path the Lord has for you. 

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