Monday, March 11, 2013

By The Rambling River

After enjoying the weekend in the house with the family. I was excited to get out and shot some images today!

 After dropping the kids off at school I drove just over the hill and down to the river that rambles its way through the trees.


 I knew I had viewed the deer hiding out here before and hoped they might be there today waiting for the sun to  come out and warm their coats.


  1. I like the one of the stream meandering through the icy banks.

    Are the deer quite tame? Wondering if you were able to get close or if you shot with a longer lens.

  2. Nice leading lines with the stream! Good for you for getting out in the snow and cold. That's quite a little group of deer...nice work!

  3. You got some very nice shots - love the creek as well as the deer.

  4. Nice winter scenes, my favorite is the second one.

  5. I was in the van shooting with my Canon XS with 55-250mm at 187mm than cropped it in post camera. I do like the creek one the best as well thank you for looking!